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Description of and background on the Sacramento Historic Rose Garden – located within the Old City Cemetery.

The Sacramento Historic Rose Garden is located on approximately two acres within the Old City Cemetery.  The Gold-Rush era cemetery is located at 1000 Broadway.

I was unable to attend the annual Sacramento Historic Rose Garden Open Garden event last month in April, so I made a point to stop by recently to stroll around the garden and “smell the roses.”  The Old City Cemetery is a very special place, a perfect place for a leisurely walk while taking in both Sacramento history and the beauty of the gardens.  In addition to the rose garden, the Old City Cemetery hosts both the Hamilton Square Perennial Garden and the California Native Plant Demonstration Garden.

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The Sacramento Historic Rose Garden was established in 1992 with a collection of approximately 50 roses. Now, the rose garden is said to have more than 500 old garden and antique roses!  The various historic climbing roses draped on fences and trellises are particularly impressive when in full bloom.

Photo of climbing roses at the Sacramento Historic Rose Garden – All Things Sacramento (from a personal perspective)

Since it was first established numerous “found” roses have been added to the garden.  Many of these “found” roses were discovered growing in old cemeteries, in the wild, along roadsides or on long abandoned homesteads.

Rescued by rose-lovers, the “found” roses that have not been identified are called “study” roses and are tagged with the year and location where they were found.

Visitors from all around the world come to the Sacramento Historic Rose Garden to see its unique roses not found anywhere else!  It is recognized as being among the world’s best collections of Victorian-era roses.  The majority of the roses are varieties that were introduced in 1916 or earlier.

Awards and Accolades

Just how special is the Sacramento Historic Rose Garden?

In 2009, the garden was inducted into the Great Rosarians of the World international hall of fame.  Several years later in 2016 it was awarded the Garden of Excellence Award from the World Federation of Rose Societies.

Rose experts have called the rose garden both “a national treasure” and a “living library of rare roses.”

Sacramento Historic Rose Garden Volunteers

The Sacramento Historic Rose Garden is maintained by a group of dedicated volunteers who not only tend to the roses – thus preserving California rose history – but who also conduct events and tours to educate the public about heritage roses.

It is largely thanks to these volunteers that Sacramento is home to this internationally renowned rose garden.

Comments on the Sacramento Historic Rose Garden?

Have you visited the rose garden?  What would you add?

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Sacramento Historic Rose Garden Snapshot:

  • 1000 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818 (10th Street & Broadway)
  • Cemetery Hours: 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Street Parking
  • Cemetery Visitor Center – (916) 264-7839
  • Old City Cemetery Committee – (916) 448-0811

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